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As with many non-profit organizations that benefit our children and community, the successful operation of Cutters Soccer Club depends on many volunteers devoting hours to such tasks as managing a team, being a team treasurer, serving on the board of directors and as executive board members, coaching Community Soccer, helping to coordinate events such as the Jerry Yeagley Soccer Classic, the Hoosier to Hoosier Sale, the Club Picnic, Casino Night, Target United Cup, etc. Most of these volunteers have several children and are juggling their volunteer work with full-time occupations. There are simply not enough words to adequately thank them and hope the satisfaction of knowing that they are a huge part of making the club one of the most respected clubs in the state is reward enough for all their time and effort. To be certain, Cutters needs their continuing support.


Over the course of the year Cutters regularly requests the need for volunteer help with other more specific tasks. Fortunately, the task of getting commitments from other club members to take on these specific tasks has been very successful. The level of success has been such that if Cutters continues to get the support of its more devoted volunteers (as mentioned above) the club will be able to successfully operate if every travel family volunteers at least 10 hours per year.

You will be able to sign up to volunteer at events using an online portal. This will help us track your hours for the year. To see current volunteer opportunities, please visit our calendar page.




  • Assist in the coordination of the Jerry Yeagley Soccer Classic
  • Assist in the Coordination of Target United Cup (October Event)
  • Assist in the Coordination of Casino Night
  • Assist in the Coordination of the Picnic/Raffle (June Event)
  • Assist in the Coordination of the Hoosier to Hoosier Sale (May – August)
  • Assist in the Coordination of the Equipment Exchange (Fall & Spring Seasons)
  • Serve as a Team Manager
  • Serve a Team in a Non-Managerial Role (Team Treasurer, Team Volunteer Coordinator, etc.)
  • Serve on the Board of Directors
  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Coach a Community Soccer Team
  • Assist with Player Placements (Tryouts)
  • Assist with Community Outreach
  • Assist with Fundraising/Marketing





If you are interested in helping please contact Troy Vegeler at