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How to Sponsor

Cutters Soccer Club relies on the generosity of businesses in the Bloomington and surrounding areas to defer the costs of providing scholarships to youth soccer players in need. Your gracious donation makes it possible to introduce a new generation of children to the game of soccer, as well as foster an environment for our youth to develop as both athletes and responsible members of the community. Your contribution also allows Cutters to be actively involved in civic engagement through our Outreach Program and provide soccer opportunities to area children’s organizations.


Cutters Soccer Club offers many sponsorship opportunities at a range of levels. You can support youth soccer at the level most suited to your business, getting exposure to more than 1000 soccer families.

Our sponsors have the option of paying via check or through a secure online payment.



Please fill out the form below and select which Sponsorship Tier you are interested in and we will get back to you within 24 hours with information on how to submit your check.