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Board Of Directors Nominations Are Open! 2024

By Board President Tommy Grav, 05/13/24, 5:45PM EDT


Board of Directors Nominations are Open!

This organization and its Board of Directors will strive to develop and maintain a positive environment while promoting fair play, player development, and improvement for residents of Monroe County and the surrounding areas. The organization will strive to create an environment where every soccer player may freely develop a passion for the game while fulfilling their potential as a player.

Dear Cutters Families,


Elections for the Cutters Soccer Club Board of Directors will be held during the week of 27 - 31 May, 2024. The elections will be held online, and results will be announced during the following week and those individuals elected will be introduced at the Cutters Annual Picnic and Annual General Meeting. The individuals who have indicated that they will be candidates for board positions are shown below. These candidates have been reviewed by the nomination board and the full Board of Directors. We will accept nominations of additional candidates for all of the listed positions, if there are individuals who are interested in running. Nominations may be submitted by May 20th at 9am. Please email Executive Director Louis Malone to make your nomination, The nomination process will require the following information from the nominator.

  • Nominator's name and contact information

  • Nominee's name and contact information

  • Position for which the person is being nominated

  • Short bio

  • Any additional comments

  • Photo of nominee, if possible.

Please submit the name of the individual who is interested in running, the position they will run for, and a short bio describing their background, qualifications and what they expect to accomplish as a Cutters Board Member. Please see the board positions listed below and the individuals currently running for these positions.

  • a. Vice President of Community: Emmanuel Lusinde - 2 year term

  • b. Treasurer: Dan Preston - 2 year term

  • c. At-Large: Chris Farris - 2 year term

  • d. At-Large: Stephanie Shelton - 2 year term

  • e. At-Large: Sofia McDowell -  2 year term

  • f. At-Large: Mike Wasserman - 2 year term

  • g. At-Large: Trisha Painter - 2 year term

  • h. At-Large: Open - 2 year term


Nomination Period Available to Membership: 13 - 20 May 2024

Voting Period Available to Membership: 27 - 31 May 2024



Tommy Grav

Board President

Cutters Soccer Club