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From The Board: Jan/Feb 2024

By Tommy Grav, 02/05/24, 2:15PM EST


From the Board:

Volunteers play a crucial role in the success and vitality of our club, contributing significantly to the development and growth of our athletes. One key aspect is the sheer manpower they provide, enabling the club to organize and run various activities such as programming, events, and governance. Without volunteers, the club would struggle to meet the diverse needs of its members, impacting the quality of the overall soccer experience for our our youth. Volunteers also serve as positive role models, instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship in our youth. Their dedication creates a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters not only athletic skills but also personal growth and character development.

Moreover, volunteers contribute to the financial sustainability of youth soccer clubs by donating their time and expertise. In many cases, these individuals take on essential roles such as coaching, administration, and event coordination, saving the club from the costs associated with hiring professionals. This financial relief allows the club to allocate resources more efficiently, investing in better facilities, equipment, and training programs for the benefit of our athletes. The commitment of volunteers creates a sense of community and shared responsibility, reinforcing the idea that youth soccer is not just a sport but a collective effort to shape the next generation of well-rounded individuals.

To better manage our volunteers effort Cutters Soccer Club has engaged in a partnership with CivicChamps, a company that provides volunteer management software designed to make an impact. Through this initiative we hope to provide a better volunteer experience and also make it easier for the club to manage, track and recognize the effort by our members and affiliates. Volunteers can now use the CivicChamps app to more easily find opportunities with our club, and be able to sign into the volunteer events to have their efforts tracked and recognized by the club automatically. Travel families will also more easily be able to monitor that they have meet the volunteer goals asked for by our club at the start of each season.

If you are looking to help the club by volunteering please keep an eye out for opportunities posted in our newsletters, email and social media posts. If you have ideas for how we can expand our volunteer opportunities please contact our Executive Director, Louis Malone ( If you would like to help with our spring community or outreach program as a trainer or volunteer please reach out to our Community Director, Mike Grubb ( If you would like to get into coaching in our travel program please contact our Director of Coaching, Rens van Ooestende ( 
And if you would like to take part in the governance of our great club we are looking for candidates for the upcoming election this spring. For more information contact the President of the Board, Tommy Grav (

Tommy Grav, President