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Volunteering with Cutters

By Louis Malone, 09/15/23, 5:45PM EDT


Dear Members and Supporters of Cutters Soccer Club,


I hope this message finds you well. As an integral part of our vibrant Cutters Soccer community, you already know how enriching and rewarding our club events can be. They provide us with opportunities to connect, learn, and grow while sharing our passion for the beautiful game. To continue creating memorable experiences for all, we need your valuable support!


Volunteering is at the heart of what makes Cutters special. It’s a chance to give back, make lasting friendships, and contribute to the success of events that we all cherish. Whether you’ve been a member for years or have recently joined, your involvement can make a significant impact.


Why is volunteering for club events so important?

  1. Build Stronger Connections: Volunteering offers a unique chance to interact with fellow members and share your ideas. Working together towards a common goal fosters a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond event days.

  2. Shape the Club’s Future: Your ideas and energy matter! By volunteering, you have a direct influence on the direction our club takes and the type of events we organize.

  3. Fulfill required volunteer hours: If you are a parent of a Travel parent, during registration you made the choice to either fulfill volunteer hours for the club or pay an additional fee. Fulfilling the hours for the club helps move our mission forward and keeps our costs down!

  4. Have Fun: Being part of the behind-the-scenes action can be incredibly enjoyable. The shared satisfaction of seeing an event come to life is something you’ll carry with you long after it’s over.


How can you get involved?

We have various roles available for each event, catering to different interests and time

commitments. Whether you’re passionate about event planning, marketing, setup, registration, or just lending a helping hand wherever needed, there’s a role that suits you.


We have new software that includes an app that you can use on your cell phone or tablet. To volunteer for an upcoming event, simply log in the Civic Champs (a full explanation is attached this email and available on our website) and select one of the available options. On the day of the event you can log in to your volunteer shift using the app. Your involvement is greatly appreciated, and we can’t wait to work alongside you to create unforgettable experiences for our members.


If you’re unsure about volunteering or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Cutters office at I will be more than happy to provide more information and help you find the perfect role.


Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a difference within our Cutters community. Together, we can take our club to new heights and create experiences that will be cherished by all.


Louis Malone

Executive Director

Cutters Soccer Club