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Coaching Corner Sept. 2023: SOCCER AND NUTRITION

By Coach Rens, 09/15/23, 5:45PM EDT




During the regular season, soccer players must be able to recover quickly and fuel their bodies properly. Typical games take place on Saturdays and Sundays and quit a few teams compete on both days during the weekends. This is a short turnaround period for your body to recover. Food choices should be used to help aid in recovery and replenishing lost glycogen stores.


Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory foods for soccer players:

1. Salmon

2. (Grass fed) Beef

3. Beets

4. Berries 

5. Dark leafy greens

6. Sourdough bread

7. Grass fed butter and avocado oil 

8. Tart cherries

9. Avocados

10. Sardines


Any pre- match meal should be consumed at least 3 hours prior to the game. Eat minimally processed foods that contain processed sugars. Have protein with each meal. Include healthy fats like grass-fed beef, yoghurt, fish and avocados. Drink plenty of healthy fluids and avoid soda and other carbonated drinks.