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By Michael Grubb, 08/24/23, 3:45PM EDT


I am writing this message as the immediate Past-President of the Cutters Soccer Club Board of Directors as my term as President expired on 30 June. First of all, let me thank the membership of the Cutters Soccer Club for allowing me to serve as your president for the last three years. It has been a pleasure to work with so many outstanding individuals who care about serving youth through sport and having the opportunity to impart what I know about this sport, that I truly love, to the children in this community we serve. I also want to thank all the board members, past and present, that I have served with over the years for the tremendous amount of time and good that each has invested in making Cutters Soccer Club the great organization that it is. It is extremely important to recognize the engine of the club, the administrative staff led by our current Executive Director, Louis Malone. The Club would falter without their efforts.


Finally, a special thank you to the young people who wear or who have worn a Cutters’ jersey whether they are or were playing competitive or recreational soccer. They make the game fun! They are responsible for the smiles and cheers, when as individuals or as a team, they achieve positive milestones! From my perspective, their participation makes Soccer the Beautiful Game!


Thank You!

Michael Grubb

Immediate Past-President Cutters Soccer Club Board of Directors