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Carl's Coaching Corner Vol. 3

By Carl Salzmann, 05/04/23, 10:45AM EDT


The weather can be unpredictable, especially during the spring season in Indiana. Just the other week, many coaches and I were joking about how many pairs of socks we had packed for the Indy Burn Cup. I had a morning pair for the dewy grass, an afternoon pair in case it rained, and an evening pair for the rest of the day. After many years of coaching, we've learned to bring multiple layers of clothing, different types of jackets, and of course to not forget the sunscreen. We try to be as prepared as we possibly can be. However, too often kids are unprepared for the various weather conditions at practice, games and especially tournaments. It affects their performance and their enjoyment. We've even had kids refuse to reenter games because they would rather sit on the bench with their warm coats than play in the game.


For cold weather, I recommend having thin gloves, a beanie or fleece ear band, and extra layers of clothing. For rain, there isn't a whole lot we can do, but some players bring trash bags to put their soccer gear in. I recommend an extra set of dry clothing for the ride home or if you’re at a tournament, an extra, extra set for in between games. On very hot tournament days, I'll stop at a dollar store to buy a cooler, ice, water, and packs of washcloths for the kids. Being able to stay cool and hydrated not only provides a more enjoyable experience, but it also puts the kids in a better position to win the game.


I hope these tips will help you and your family have a great soccer season. Stay safe and have fun out there!