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End of an Era - Tommy's Last Season as Director of Coaching

By Samantha King, 03/16/22, 11:30AM EDT


Tommy Berry, The Cutters Director of Coaching and Player Development, is relinquishing his director responsibilities effective at the end of the spring 2022 season.

Tommy is a life-long Cutter. After playing in the Boys and Girls Club Soccer Program, he started his travel soccer career with the Monroe County Youth Soccer Association, the Cutters parent organization, in the early 1980s. He played through high school and at Indiana University as a member of the Men’s Soccer Team for Jerry Yeagley.

As our Director of Coaching and Player Development, Tommy has been responsible for elevating the quality of soccer played at the club. Many of the club’s players, girls, and boys, have gone on to stellar college careers and some have played professionally. More important though is that the club, through the efforts of Tommy and his staff, has provided an environment for your children to thrive.

Take the time over the next five months and thank Tommy for his all his years of service and wish him much success in his future endeavors. Thanks Tommy!

Please read in Tommy’s own words his reasons for stepping down:

I’m writing to inform the board and membership that I have decided to transition out of the role of Director of Coaching for the Cutters Soccer Club. The spring 2022 season is going to be my final season as the Director of Coaching & Player Development. I have joyfully fulfilled this role for the club for the past 17 years and cherish all the great friends and memories made working with so many incredible players, coaches, families, and volunteers. My intention is to remain as a travel coach for the club and hope that my 20+ years of contributions allow me the privilege of remaining the 2010 Boys coach that my youngest son participates on now and through future seasons.
I share this news with a heavy heart but feel comfortable that this is the right time to have someone else take over this leadership role for the club. My oldest son will be in high school next fall, and I’d like to be able to attend his games and activities. As those of you with children know, our kids grow quickly and coaching every weeknight and most weekends means a lot of missed family time. Moving forward, I want to be more present as my boys grow to be young men and cherish these fleeting years together with my wife. Additionally, there are other professional opportunities I’d like to pursue that have more suitable hours. This past year I turned 50, which reminds me that time is getting limited to run a new
professional race.
By informing the board of this decision now (Dec 2021), the club should have ample time to find a new DOC to complete the 2022-23 coaching staff and run player placements in June. Since the DOC role is very important for creating and maintaining club culture and progress, I’d like to assist the club in finding my replacement to build on the foundation that’s been established over these many years. I’ve observed DOC jobs turn over regularly at clubs throughout the state as it’s not an easy job. My 17 years as DOC for one club is rather unique and may currently be the longest in the state. Finding someone who is experienced, with long term potential, should be an important consideration... 
In closing, I want to thank all the past and present coaches, club members and board members. Additionally, a big thank you to the previous DOC Sean Phillips, and most importantly, former club president, Mary Runnells for the opportunity to be the DOC.  Mary’s incredible wisdom and constant counsel (along with my wife, Lesli) was very important to my longevity in this job. I’m also extremely thankful to the current president, Mike Grubb, who has been a great support and mentor to me over the years in his various roles with the club and who has been the rock of the Bloomington soccer community for more than 30 years. I will miss most working with all the players and coaches and watching each one of them grow. This job has always felt like that of a gardener; making sure everyone has adequate water, proper sunlight, or shade, and striving to create the conditions for them all to thrive. There are tough decisions that must be made where not everyone’s needs can be optimally met. I take pride and solace knowing that I’ve done the best I could with the resources available and wish my successor great success for the kids in our community.
Tommy Berry 
Cutters Soccer Club Director of Coaching & Player Development