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CDC Visual Illustration of Coronavirus

COVID-19 Update

By Troy Vegeler, 12/09/20, 11:30AM EST


Cutters update on COVID-19 and MCCSC

Recently the MCCSC School District has indicated that they are transitioning to online schooling starting Wednesday, December 8th, 2020.  We wanted you to understand that we looked at this as an opportunity to reconsider our programming and understand whether or not we are doing everything we can to ensure a safer environment for our children to exercise and learn.  We contacted the various athletic directors of Edgewood, BHSN, and BHSS to better understand how this might change their programming.  We also reexamined our existing protocols and talked through various scenarios.  After careful consideration we will continue to offer programming AND we will continue to monitor the situation.  As we did this fall, we will immediately communicate to our members if we become aware of any positive tests or contact risks. 
We do want to remind people, though, that we are not guaranteeing a COVID-free environment, and that continuing to participate in our programming at this time is a personal choice. Nobody can guarantee a COVID-free environment.  We also want to say that our programming only works as well as the participants in the programming and that we need people to remember to take the appropriate precautions, e.g wear your masks, socially distance yourselves, and wash/sanitize your hands frequently.

Additionally, please note that this Saturday BUGS will host their annual Bug Bite Gymnastics meet 10:30am-7pm. This event has been altered and will only have BUGS' gymnasts this year (no one from out of town) and parents spectators will be strictly limited. However, this will make Saturday Dec. 12th busier than normal Saturdays which have been nearly empty in the gym. So, please be advised if your child has a Saturday Soccer League game or practice and you were thinking of coming in to watch. We felt we should make you aware in advance.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself at or Tommy Berry at

Troy Vegeler

Executive Director