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Spring 2022 Registration TBD

Our Spring 2022 Community Rec Soccer season will begin at the end of March and conclude mid-May. Registration will open in early February (announcements will be made via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Keep an eye out for full dates and information soon. 

For a general idea of how Community Rec Soccer is structured/priced, see Fall 2021 information below. Birth year divisions are the same as below and, unless previously discussed with a staff member, players will not be permitted to "play down" in the Spring.

FALL 2021 - Registration is CLOSED and the rosters are FULL for this season


U5 - Birth Year 2017

U6 - Birth Year 2016

U8 Boys - Birth Year 2014-2015

U8 Girls - Birth Year 2014-2015

U10 Boys - Birth Year 2012-2013

U11 Girls - Birth Year 2011-2013

U12 Boys - Birth Year 2010-2011

U14 Boys - Birth Year 2008-2009

U14 Girls - Birth Year 2008-2010

High School: 2004-2007



U5: $30

U6: $75

U8: $112

U10-U18: $156.50



U6 Coed – Saturday, August 7th

U8 Boys – Monday, August 9th

U8 Girls and U18 Coed – Tuesday, August 10th

U10 Boys, U11 Girls, U12 Boys, U14 Boys, and U14 Girls – Wednesday, August 11th

U5 Coed – Saturday, August 14th



U5/U6 Coed – No practice weekdays, see Saturday info

U8 Boys – 6:00-7:00PM Mondays, Fields B-J

U8 Girls – 6:00-7:00PM Tuesdays, Fields D-G

U10 Boys – 6:00-7:00PM Mondays & Wednesdays, Fields 5A/5B/6A/6B

U11 Girls – 6:00-7:00PM Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Fields 7A/7B/TBD (working on third field)

U12 Boys – 7:15-8:15PM Mondays & Wednesdays, Fields 6B/7A

U14 Girls – 7:15-8:15PM Mondays & Wednesdays, Field 7B

U14 Boys – 6:00-7:00PM Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Field 8S

U18 Coed – 6:00-7:00PM Mondays & Tuesdays, Field 4



U6 Coed – Saturday, August 7th (40 mins of fun soccer activities followed by 15-20 min scrimmage)

U5 Coed – Saturday, August 14th (45 mins of child/parent interactive soccer activities, do not play actual games)

U8 Boys & Girls – Saturday, August 14th

U10 Boys, U11 Girls, U12 Boys, U14 Boys, U14 Girls, and U18 Coed – Saturday, August 21st

NO GAMES 8/28 & 9/4



LAST DAY FOR EVERYONE – Saturday, October 2nd



Game day schedules are here -->


Questions? Please email Kristina Simmonds.