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FAQ Age Groups

Cutters Community Soccer

Age Group Change




What is happening to the Cutters Community soccer program age groups?

The Community program is aligning with U.S. Soccer standards of using the “birth year” Jan.1-Dec. 31 instead of the old August 1-July 1 system. All players born in the same calendar year will be considered the same age group, without worrying about which month they were born. We began this process in spring 2018 with the U5s, U6s, U7s, and U8s and in fall 2018 all age groups will be included in the change.


Fall '18 - Spring '19 Age Groups


U5 – 2014 through 6/30/15

U6 - 2013

U7/8 - 2011 and 2012

U10s – 2009 and 2010

U12s – 2007 and 2008

U14s – 2005 and 2006

U18s – 2000 through 2004



US Soccer deemed it important to align with the rest of the global youth soccer community. Additionally, they believe it will be easier for parents to understand. The travel program began this process in 2016. As a club, we feel it is important to align both the travel and community programs.


Who decided this?

US Soccer announced the decision late in 2015.


When do the new Birth Year age divisions go into effect?

Cutters Soccer Club used birth year age divisions in Spring 2018 with U5-U8. U10s and up are beginning in Fall 2018.


Will my child play “up” an age group.

If your player was born in the fall, he/she may not need to play “up” with the birth year plan in effect. Still, there is always the potential for players to play “up” an age group. As noted earlier, during this transition year, we will allow for players to play down if they feel they are not ready. We left wiggle room for the U8/10 transition as that is the biggest jump for most players.


My child has been playing with his/her best friend. Will they be separated if they are in different birth years?

Yes, regrettably some strong friend groupings may be affected. The transition will be difficult at times, especially for some players. The birth year placements will create new teams, open up new opportunities for friendship, and also new leadership opportunities. With this being a transition year we are allowing for players to play “down” an age group if they feel they  are unready to move up to the next level. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO AGE GROUPS IN U10 AND BELOW.


Going forward, what is the end game regarding this transition?

We believe that for the love of the game and in order to develop our players in the best possible ways, we need to support the change. It will require patience and flexibility. It will require a positive attitude at every level.


What can I do to help with the transition?

Change can be hard. Listen to your child’s concerns and understand what they may experience in the transition. But you can help them a great deal if you identify the benefits and spell those out clearly, and often, for your child.


Where can I get more information?

You can also speak with any staff member and certainly feel free to discuss your personal issues with Michael Nosofsky, our Executive Director, Tommy Berry, our Director of Coaching, Matt Blaszka, our Director of Community Soccer, or Kristina Simmonds and Mina Reihani, our Community Soccer Managers.