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FAQ about Fall 2020 Season


Why did you decide to open a Fall Community Soccer season?

    This was a tough decision for us. After gathering feedback from Cutters families, local authorities, and medical professionals we feel we’ve put together a great plan for kids to get outside and be active while limiting exposure as much as possible. There are no guarantees, of course, and we know that soccer may not be right for everyone right now. We absolutely support your family and hope to see you next year when you feel the time is right!


Why is there no U5? What if my child wants to play up in U6?

This was a tough decision but one we simply had to make for the health and safety of families/staff. In the U5 division, we typically have multiple trainers on the field, as well as one parent for each player. On such small fields, that is just too many bodies in a tight space. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope to get this division offered again soon! If your child is close to the birthdate cutoff and you feel they may be a good fit for U6, feel free to email us. These situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account registration numbers, soccer experience, and age.


Why did you move the U11/U14 Girls to Tuesday/Thursday?

    In order to make room for all Cutters teams (Community and Travel) while exercising proper field spacing, we had to move some divisions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Is there a limit to how many family members can attend practices and games?

    Yes. We kindly ask for NO spectators at U10-U18 practices unless there is a medical need (please email us ahead of time). Spectators for U8 practices are strongly discouraged due to size of the fields and other practices taking place nearby. Spectators at ALL GAMES (U6-U18) are encouraged to be limited to no more than 2 people, including siblings, and everyone MUST stay 6’ from the field at all times. We strongly suggest that only adults attend and seniors/grandparents/at-risk individuals skip this year. We know everyone wants to watch the kids play but the less exposure we have, the safer our season will be! Get those camcorders and phones fired up for videos! (Please email us with specific questions about this policy.)


Can I still Volunteer Coach my child’s team?

    Yes. We are structuring our teams differently this year but we will still have two Coaches and two Trainers on each field. There will be no assistant coaches this season and no coaching subs. Again, the goal is to limit how many people interact with each other on any given week.


Anything else we need to know about practices?

  1. Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes before practices or games. We have spaced practices out so that we can completely clear fields before the next group arrives.

  2. Empty fields will be TOTALLY off limits. Unfortunately, we can’t allow siblings to kick around on neighboring fields.

  3. Bring your own soccer ball every time! There will be NO ball sharing, NO practice pennies, and NO touching cones/flags (except for coach/trainer). We also will NOT have extra jerseys to borrow and can’t allow players to share jerseys. (aka don’t lose your jersey!)


How are you organizing teams this season? Are you still taking requests for teammates and coaches?

    Depending on registration numbers, most fields will be organized by school and geographical location (ex. all players in U10 Boys from Childs and St. Charles might be placed together). We will do our best to take coach and friend requests into account but most requests outside of a child’s own school cannot be granted. Thank you for your understanding.


Are games going to be different this year?

    Yes. In an effort to limit interaction with other teams, each field will have two Coaches, two Trainers, and enough players to form two teams. Each Saturday, the Coaches will divide the full squad into two teams, rotating and changing weekly. This allows games to be different and minimizes exposure between fields. We know this isn’t ideal but safety must be our first priority. We will encourage the fields to consider themselves one BIG team and we’ll do our very best to create a fun game atmosphere! The ultimate goal is to get kids outside and moving after being inside for so long this year!


What if my child is an online learner this year?

    Please go ahead and list the school they would be attending in person but list “On Line Learner” in the special requests, if you’d like. Homeschoolers should simply list “Homeschool” as their School.


What sanitizing protocols will be in place?

    Trainers will have hand sanitizer for all participants to use at the beginning and end of practice. All Cutters equipment will be sanitized after each game day/practice night. We ask that players and coaches sanitize their soccer balls after each practice/game and do a thorough hand washing before/after practice.


What are your mask requirements?

    All Cutters Staff, Trainers, and Volunteer Coaches are required to wear masks at all times. No exceptions. Players are asked to wear masks while traveling to/from their vehicles and when sitting on the sidelines of practices/games. Players are not required to wear masks while actively playing, although we support any child who chooses to do so. Any parents or family members attending any Cutters Community event are also STRONGLY encouraged to wear masks at all times. (See additional information about spectators below.)


What if my child or someone in my household tests positive for COVID-19?

    We request that you notify our staff immediately so that we may consult with the Monroe County Health Department.


Are you having a Community Cup event this season?

    No. We have decided to suspend the Community Cup and special events until further notice.


My question wasn’t answered here…who do I contact?

            Please email Kristina Simmonds at We are also hosting a Zoom LIVE meeting next Tuesday, August 25th where we will answer any additional questions we receive so keep them coming!